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Before joining CHRISC Kenya I was determined to work hard on my education and giving it a first priority in my life. Later on I was done with my secondary education level as a form four leaver who used to idle around and do nothing at home. I was not much informed about what is going around my community, security and health issues for me were new thing to me. I was so much focused on how I would get a chance to join college, so as to advance my learning in a higher level. I really had passion for drawing and sketching pencil portraits just for fun during my leisure time. My life completely changed the moment I got a chance to volunteer in CHRISC organization as a leader in FAHARI girl’s project in lucky summer.

"I am humbled to have joined CHRISC and to have met my project officer Elizabeth Wairimu who has not only been a leader to me but also mentor."

In fahari I was trained as a leader, peer educator and a dance choreographer, through my participation on these workshops they have really helped me to have knowledge than before.     I used to have a low self esteem where I could not have to stand and facilitate a workshop but due to many exposure of interacting with kids, young people during activities and debates it boost myself esteem. Am proud to say that I got a promotion in FAHARI where I was mentioned as the Head of Education Department in FAHARI girl’s project, this was due to my work. I stepped up in introducing and running the Fahari Interschool girls Debate program for two years (2013 – 2014).     I am happy to have learnt leadership that now I can facilitate because I have upgraded my public speaking skills, audibility, confidence, communication skills and courage. Dennis Odhiambo is in charge of girls in lucky summer as a leader he has taken much of his time to spend with girls in doing positive things to transform the society through his drawing skills and dancing skills.     Having been included in the list of participants who were attending east Africa cup tournament in Moshi Tanzania 2014 for me  it was a surprise gift, I must say I was so happy and so privileged to have deserved that chance, it was my first life time opportunity that I had ever dream off. I went to Moshi and I was trained more on comic drawing, with that It was a plus to me that I have acquired a new skills which I also implement in FAHARI girl’s project.     I was delighted once again to have been included in this year 2015 EAST AFRICA CUP TOURNAMENT in Moshi but this time round I was attending a media skills workshop. I also got the chance to study some few film making tips since we worked hand in hand with the film department. Being in CHRISC Kenya I have achieved through my engagement. Most of my exciting part is that after gaining all this knowledge, I got an application requesting youth speakers to attend and moderate THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON FAMILY PLANNING, to be held in Indonesia. The application involved a shot video abstract that explains adolescents, sexual reproductive health and family planning. From the skills I attained I applied and I got lucky to be picked. The conference starts on 8th-12th November 2015. I will be speaking about youths and adolescents. I am humbled to have joined CHRISC and to have met my project officer Elizabeth Wairimu who has not only been a leader to me but also mentor. I also thank her for always believing in me.  Thanks a lot CHRISC for the warm welcome and mostly for all the training opportunities they offered to me. It was for SIMAMA AFRICA youth group which is my local group based at home that got me the chance to attend the conference. I am proud of CHRISC Family in general.

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