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Improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation facilities leads to healthier families and communities. However, when people are also motivated to practice good hygiene – especially hand-washing with soap – health benefits are significantly increased. Because the evidence on the importance of hand washing with soap is clear.

Improving access to safe water

CHRISC Kenya in partnership with WASH UNITED programs will help to promote hand-washing and hygiene behavioral change by:      –  Creating awareness on the importance of good hygiene through advocating strategies and hand washing campaigns.     -Recruit volunteers and trained them to advocate hand – washing.     -Include strong hygiene components within its own WASH programs in the field     – Developing strategies and tools to encourage hand-washing promotion by community health and outreach.     – Encouraging hygiene promotion in schools and the empowerment of children as agents of change within their families and communities.     Everyone has a right to know about the relationship between water, sanitation, hygiene and the health of themselves. However, education alone does not necessarily result in improved practices. Knowing about the causes of disease may help, but new hygiene practices may be too unfamiliar, too difficult, or take too much time, especially for poor people.     Promoting behavioral change is a gradual process that involves working closely with communities to address importance of safe water, hygiene, and sanitation; we will conduct community outreaches, sports program and workshops in districts: Voi, Eldoret and Nairobi to address the importance of water, hygiene and sanitation in partnership with WASH UNITED     Community will be fully engaged in the process at all stages using participatory processes, and special attention should be given to build on local knowledge and promoting existing positive practices.     “Behavioral change is necessary not only at the community level, but among decision makers as well. All stakeholders – from politicians and government officials to field workers and people themselves – must be encouraged to recognize the importance of hygiene”.

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