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One word that describe kezia she is a passionate girl. Her name is Bridget Kezia she is 12 years old she live with her both parents in huruma estate. She joined CHRISC fahari in a year back when she was 11 years old by that time she was in class five as for now she is in class five still in primary school as a pupil.
I joined CHRISC fahari with the group of girls that were my friends who we always used to play with them after school and during school holidays. We were welcomed by our teacher Winnie who by that time I found her teaching poems and I liked the way she was teaching that’s the time I got the interest to join CHRISC and do some poems in fahari.I was taught how to write and narrate poems it took me time to narrate the poems but by the time goes by I knew how to narrate them “if it wasn’t my desire to know poems I could not even gain my confidence”.   Kezia won the last month drawing from fahari huruma zone as the best drawer. I was afraid to draw because I thought girls are not used to draw, best drawings usually comes from boys not girls. She got the interest of drawing when one day some of the visitors paid them a visit in their activity and no sooner the visitors left some drawing materials were brought to them and the materials were given them so that they can do some drawings and paintings.

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