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it is much more fun when players are coaching themselves in the field of play these happens during the Jirani school league. The league is currently on form where there is competition in terms of scoring and looking for wins. This league is inspiring there are no coaches but teams are doing well in the pitch and outside the field of play. The league involves both boys and girls. Girls have shown their power and effort to participate in the league. It’s a competive game for them and some of them say that as much there is development part they need to compete among themselves. The community league is raising leaders every year and there is more among the kids, The good part of the league is that all teams are disciplined without the presence of their coach. The league is currently being played at Jirani School in Dandora, Ngara and Githogoro near Runda Estates. Our leagues kick off of every year in April and end in November with championship to crown winners of the league.  

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