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This year, FAHARI Girls Project has organized an interschool girls debate competition involving eight schools. Four schools are from Nairobi Eastland and the latter from Westland. The motion for this year is, “Do women contribute more in society?” The competition is meant to empower girls with leadership skills, public speaking skills and also to give them confidence on how they carry themselves.

The first debate was held in Westland on the 22nd of May. Cheleta Primary School hosted the event. The debate was between the host and StarKid Academy. Star Kid academy proposed the motion while Cheleta opposed. I can say that the debate started on a climax with the first proposer on the floor pointing out cases of corruption and how they always involve men. “Most male leaders are corrupt”, she said. She argued out that women in Kenya such as Martha Karua and Njoki Ndung’u have been steadfast and strong in the fight against corruption. The proposers also argued out that women contribute more in moral values hence creates an environment that is suitable for our country’s development. Star Kid claims that research shows that countries led by women are proven to be peaceful. The opposers who were declared the winners of the tightly contested debate argued out that men are more educated therefore they contribute more to the development of the society. The pointed out that men are stronger and put in a lot of effort in jobs in engineering and construction. One of the opposers claimed that men are better disciplinarians than women because of their strictness. They also claim that men are known to settle disputes than women. They argued out that a country’s stability solely depends on men because of the provision of security. Judging from the debate we concluded that the kids dint quite understand about equality and the motion. After the debate, we took an opportunity to highlight on gender equality and gave them tips on how to be better debaters in the future. The event was graced by school representative and the CHRISC officials.. This being the first debate this year, we are safe to say that the pupils are making major strides.

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