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I sell pens to support my education money sometimes is a problem back at home and my parents can’t afford to pay for my monthly exam which am entitled to do them every month. Sometime I buy a packet of pens to keep them as a stock and take them to school where I sell the pens to pupils each pen I sell it for 15 Sh, the profit that I make from selling the pens I use that money to support myself by purchasing needs that both my parents can’t afford to buy them for me.   The environment where I live right now is not suitable for me and I believe that I can change it through my hard work in school and outside the school. Before joining Christian Sport Contact (CHRISC) I was doing nothing at home I was more involved in school activities. I come to join Christian Sport Contact (CHRISC) fahari in 2013 where I had about it and sow what the girls were doing within our village Ngara, that’s was the time I picked the interest of joining Fahari so that I can keep myself busy and I was ready to learn any new thing in my life.   I was recruited by the fahari leader who did an orientation to me and am now being trained to be a leader in future in my community. Am enjoying every bit of session that I got from the fahari leaders. Fahari is empowering me more and I thank God that am among the girls benefiting from the project by gaining the skills. I have seen my confidence in me now that I can lead a group of girls it’s something achievable to me in my life. What CHRISC has done for me will always remain in my family background that they come in my rescue after a fire tragedy that burnt down houses. We were among the fire victims we even spend some nights outside a cold weather and CHRISC come immediately in my rescue with food staffs, Blankets, Clothes, Shoes and mattress.   I have a dream and a future that I want to be a journalist and a recognized international news anchor, Kanze Denna from citizen TV is my role model who always inspires me a lot and I work hard to be like him. I want to earn more so that I can support my family and the girls widely in Africa because I fill that they need more empowerment.  I want to support the generation of girls in within my area that their “dreams are valid”.   Halima Golachi won the best drawing in the month of September,  what inspired her to do the drawing is that he wanted to put down the skills that he had learned from the drawing sessions he had already learned from her leader.  Her drawing was picked as the best because he had some skills with shading and expression from her art work.      

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