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Before I came in contact with CHRISC I was a street kid and I had almost spent my childhood life in the street without food, shelter and education. Life in the street was hard for me as I compare it with now things have really change in my life and these is by the grace of God that now am still alive and happy Can’t imagine that.

"Before, the world was limited to me. I am ten times happier today than I was yesterday. My family and friends would be very proud of me."

Lived in the streets, Nairobi, Kennedy had always dreamed of coming out of the street life and change his environment. Ten good years Kennedy lived in the streets of Nairobi as a street kid with no place to call his home. Kennedy Lishenga 32 years old is narrating his life event before he comes into contact with CHRISC. I had no food and shelter in the street that made me to involve myself in city crime activities for survival, it was not an easy life for me because there was life crime and drug trafficking but I was not that much involved in drugs activities. Involving your life in city crime is dangerous and painful, I remember one day I was involved in theft activity in the street and a few minutes I was mocked with the crowd the mob justice which led me beaten and stoned, I went in conscious and two days later I found myself in police custody. I come to know to CHRISC trough one of the co – founders Mike Wachira who had a programme for the street kids before CHRISC began in 1998. His main work was to reform the street kids through sports and life skills activities, one day he requested me to mobilize a group of my friends so that we can meet him a few days later he come with a group of his friend and we meet at City park and we talked that was the moment I can recall I joined fanaka. Later on I was trained as a football referee, football coach and attended a leadership training workshops and be given a task to coordinate the fanaka street kid league and tournaments, being given that task for me it is a good experience for me because CHRISC had seen the potential in me though with my background of a street kid. What I come to learn in street life you don’t need to lose hope in your life there is always another second chance in someone’s life. The biggest achievement so far that I have made in my life is to be reformed from street life with CHRISC fanaka and the leadership training that I got has really helped me a lot, I do bead work as a way of getting a living out of it to sustain my basic needs. What I can tell other youths not to take life as easy and one or two days God has given you, you can make a difference in your life just believe in yourself.

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