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Life in the street was not easy for Nicholas Ngugi compared to the previous years he lived in the streets of Nairobi as a street boy, he used to sleep in the sacks covering his whole body and leaving his head out of the sack each day he woke up there were only two things that were hitting his mind food and shelter. Getting arrested many times and jailed made him want to leave street life behind. He come to know CHRISC through his participation in Fanaka tournament that were organized to empower the street kids and was passionate to participate, his life was changing and didn’t know about it because he the had that belief that he was in the right place. Nicholas is an orphan with brothers and he had that belief that God was there for him as his parent. Together with his urge to change his life and the rehabilitation that Nicholas got from CHRISC has changed him and he doesn’t want to go back at the streets. Life for Nicholas has change because God is using him as an instrument of voiceless to deliver the good thing in my community.The achievements that he have now in life can’t be compared because he was a nobody in the past but the result of Is He someone else, now that He a leader in Fanaka and coordinates the soccer league for the under 16 for the street kids. In 2014 He was trained as a football referee with Football Kenya Federation (FKF) and being awarded with certificate now that an official referee He will use the skills to develop the street kids to be referees and make a leaving out of it because he doesn’t want to go back to the streets.The life in the street is hard and he doesn’t want to see other kids and youths again in the streets, his desire in life will still became achievable with my engagement in CHRISC. The certificate he got from Football Kenya Federation (Fkf) helped him when I went to officiate matches at East Africa Cup Moshi Tanzania CHRISC has seen the potential in me and I thank God for it.

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